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For questions or problems using the apps:

Please check first for the current version being installed.

Privacy policy regarding the website

Applies to the domain and its sub-domains: apps., structureit., memoit. und designer. .

No personal data is collected, stored, processed or sent by the website.

Neither cookies nor tracking are used. Requests to external sources with forwarding of your IP address (e.g. social media plugins) do not take place.

The website is technically provided by a so-called web server. This happens by requests of your browser to the so-called IP address of the web page. The response with the requested content is done by the use of the IP address of your Internet access, which is provided by your Internet access service provider. Only this service provider can assign your personal data to the used IP address.

For questions about how long the IP addresses provided to you are stored, please contact your Internet access service provider.

There are service providers who offer themselves as intermediate stations, i.e. your IP address is used there and the request to the web server will be processed with an IP address provided by this service provider.

For technical reasons, it is common that the IP address received by the webserver for the response is saved in so-called log files. My contracted webserver service provider (domainfactory GmbH) indicates that the log entries are kept for 3 days.
Section: Welche Logfiles werden gespeichert und wie lange?
There: Webserver-Logfile
(Contains: domain, IP, requests, useragent, timestamp, status code - Retention: 3 days)

Privacy policy regarding the apps

Applies to the Windows Store apps:

  • Structure It!
  • Memo It!
  • Web Foto Designer

Before installing and using the apps, you have read the privacy policy of the Windows Store and agreed to this.

No personal data is collected, stored, processed or sent by the apps themselves.

Privacy policy regarding email

Personal information of received emails is used only in the context of the current request and will not be forwarded to third parties.

Emails received will be deleted within 3 months of reception.

Regardless of this, you can contact for deletion.

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